I would just like to complement the staff at this location I’ve been here numerous times and three girls in the front I am sorry I don’t know their names are the most polite professional and courteous workers that I’ve seen in my 61 years I go to quite a few doctors and this office is by far number one. They get you in and out it’s just a pleasure to come here and the doctor is over-the-top she is just wonderful always on time I don’t think I’ve waited more than five minutes it’s Dr. Talishinskiy. Prior to coming to this office I had been to the same endocrinologist for 20 years until he got sick I just saw him recently and he told me to give my Dr a great complement for how she got me under control it was just such a wonderful compliment from a doctor that’s been around for so long. It was a real compliment to Dr. Talishinskiy once again this office is wonderful