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5.0 Google

Review from Maria P

Source: Google | Dec 30, 2020

Dr. Krishnan is a wonderful person as well as a physician. She is treating my dad for diabetes and is so compassionate and caring. She has made me feel at ease. I can contact her at time I need to or have any questions. She returns any messages or phone calls in a timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone that needs an Endocrinologist.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Patty R

Source: Healthgrades | Dec 4, 2020

Wonderful the best in a long time of Doctors
5.0 Google

Review from Laura L

Source: Google | Nov 9, 2020

I had a very good experience at Endocrinology Consutants. Dr. Lortin Was very thorough and easy to talk to and offered solutions for me. She spent lots of time and I did not feel rushed. I am happy to call her my endocrinologist and will be back.
5.0 Yelp

Review from Mel B

Source: Yelp | Nov 5, 2020

LOVE this practice. Caring, kind, understanding. They are always on time even tho they are super busy. Spend a lot of time with you / they remember you and don't rush you out! So happy this relationship and care.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Joanne

Source: Healthgrades | Jul 31, 2020

I had the best experience with Dr. Lorton. She spent so much time with me and was interested in hearing everything that I had to say. Took thorough notes and then when she examined me, she addressed every concern I had. I am so grateful to have found her. Looking forward to having her as my new doctor.
5.0 Google

Review from Thomas G

Source: Google | Jul 22, 2020

I have been a patient at Endocrinology Consultants for approximately 10 years. All during this time, Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff have been courteous, professional and thorough. All staff members routinely take the time to explain any medical issue; while being extremely accessible and responsive to my many questions. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and your entire staff for successfully guiding me to a healthier lifestyle.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Anonymous

Source: Healthgrades | Mar 30, 2020

Due to everything going on with COVID-19 I am currently not going to doctors offices unless it is absolutely urgent. I am so fortunate to have an endocrinologist that is doing tele-visits. Dr. Schwartz made time to talk to me face to face via the computer and was able to answer all of my questions. As always Dr. Schwartz is kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Abe K

Source: Healthgrades | Mar 23, 2020

Dr. Schwartz and his team of expert doctors have truly been their for me and have diagnosed accurately & treated me with the utmost respect, compassion, and expertise. Every time I walk through the office I am greeted in the most professional way. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for the best doctors.
5.0 Google

Review from Eileen G

Source: Google | Mar 10, 2020

Dr Krishnan is thorough,very knowledgeable and also a lovely woman. I highly recommend her.
5.0 Google

Review from Michele G

Source: Google | Mar 8, 2020

I’ve been to several other endocrinologists and Dr Schwartz is far better than any others I’ve seen. I have hypothyroidism and low blood pressure with extreme fatigue. Nobody has been able to figure out why it’s so low or what’s going on. Dr Schwartz is the first endocrinologist who didn’t dismiss the issue, got all the details, and is doing testing to figure out what is going on. I’m confident it will get resolved with Dr Schwartz and look forward to a long, productive medical relationship.
5.0 Google

Review from BM

Source: Google | Mar 6, 2020

Very happy with the medical office and their providers. Dr Bakerwala is fantastic, very knowledgeable, caring and great bedside manner. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.
4.0 Google

Review from Deven B

Source: Google | Feb 29, 2020

Fast service, clean facility and Dr. Lorton was amazing. Very tentative and easy to talk to.
5.0 Google

Review from Sahar B

Source: Google | Feb 26, 2020

I highly recommend this place. My primary doctor referred me to another doctor but they didn't accept my insurance. Thank God I checked for this place. In the beginning, I was scared as it was my first time but when I went there the staff at the front desk were very friendly and helpful. I met Dr.Suhalia who spend almost 40 minutes with me checking and answering all my questions with a smile.
5.0 Google

Review from Habiba A

Source: Google | Feb 14, 2020

I'm a new patient at Endocrinology Consultants, NJ. I was lucky to have Dr. Preeti Krishnan. Amazing bedside manners, a very good listener, very thorough with every questions and very polite. A very capable dr, and thoughtful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She let me take all of my time to explain myself. I'm very glad I got a chance to see her, because she is very awesome.
5.0 Google

Review from Makalica

Source: Google | Feb 13, 2020

I am absolutely amazed with this place! Front desk staff was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve met with doctor Tina Fojas. She’s spent 40 minutes with me! She made me feel very comfortable and she explained everything I needed to know about my health concerns. I’ve never gotten better explanation before. Betty, the lady who took my blood, made me feel like I’m at home and made the whole process lot easier for me. This is the type of energy patients need when they go to the doctors office because it certainly makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Great job team. Way to go! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
5.0 Google

Review from Adriana G

Source: Google | Feb 11, 2020

My experience with Dr Suhalia Bakerywala was awesome! Not only was she courteous but went beyond patience to explain my thyroid condition. The staff was also great and professional.I highly recommend her services and the Endocrinology Consultants office
5.0 Google

Review from Paul M

Source: Google | Feb 10, 2020

Very organized office. Dr Lorton has superb credentials; extremely knowledgeable and through during my appointment.
5.0 Google

Review from Jessica M

Source: Google | Feb 8, 2020

I am a patient of Dr. Krishnan and in all my years I've been going to an Endocrinologist never have I had a Doctor Be so flexible. I live an hour and a half away and almost switch because it was so far away but she worked with me and I'm so glad she did! Also, the office staff is amazing dealing with Betty was such a breath of fresh air from the usual nonemotional, stale office attitude. Five stars!
5.0 Google

Review from Ron C

Source: Google | Feb 7, 2020

I felt very welcomed as a new patient and Dr.Fojas was excellent. She explained my case in a very comprehendible way and took time to answer all of my questions.I’m very pleased that she is my doctor.
5.0 Facebook

Review from Ang L

Source: Facebook | Feb 4, 2020

Benni at the front desk is so friendly and caring. Asked me if I needed anything else, after she made copies of a test result for me. Took care of everything she did. They are great, from Natasha to Dr.Schwartz to the staff. JUST FANTASTIC

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