Hormone Panel Testing

What Is Hormone Panel Testing?

Hormone testing is used to evaluate for hormonal imbalances that may be causing you symptoms. This evaluation is done by collecting blood, urine, and rarely saliva samples. Sometimes extra testing may need to be done, and on rare occasion in a hospital setting, as per your provider. You will be given instruction if this is indicated.

How Do You Prepare For Hormone Testing?

​Stay hydrated before your visit to prepare for the blood draw and urine collection. On occasion, you may be asked to come in at a certain time of day for testing or arrive fasting.

Why Is Hormone Testing Performed?

Based on your symptoms and examination, hormone testing is performed to evaluate for a disturbance in your hormones that needs to be treated.

What Can You Expect During Hormone Testing?

Hormone testing is usually similar to any other blood or urine testing you have had in the past.

What Is The Follow-Up And Recovery Like For Hormone Testing?

Follow up is usually within 5-14 days of having testing done. You can return to your normal activities after the collection.

What Are The Potential Costs For Hormone Testing?

Hormone testing is usually covered similar to other laboratory testing. This can be discussed with our billing department as well as your health insurance company through member benefits. Please call us at our main number and asked to be transferred to our billing department if you have any questions.

What Are The Potential Risks For Hormone Testing?

If blood is being collected, there is always the risk of bruising. Rarely, people may feel faint. Please let the phlebotomist know if you have ever had issues having your blood drawn or are on any blood thinners prior to blood being collected.

Are There Related Tests To Hormone Testing?

Sometimes, if tests done in our office are abnormal, further testing may need to be done, sometimes in a hospital setting. Occasionally, imaging are also needed to evaluate hormonal abnormalities

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