Our Diabetes Educators

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus (often called just “diabetes”) is a medical condition characterized by a high blood sugar called glucose. Diabetes is caused by a deficiency of and/or a resistance to the hormone insulin, which is produced in the pancreas.


What is a Diabetes Educator?

A Diabetes Educator’s role is to educate and support people affected by diabetes. They help people and their families​​​​​​

  • Understand and manage the condition
  • Achieve behavioral and treatment goals
  • Optimize health outcomes


Meet Our Diabetes Educator’s

Michelle Valentini, RD, CDE

Registered Dietitian

Meet Michelle Valentini, RD, CDE, a highly experienced Registered Dietitian specializing in diabetes education and counseling at Endocrinology Consultants, PC,...

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Our team develops an individualized treatment plan for each patient based on the type of diabetes he/she has, the severity of the disease, the patient’s goals for treatment, and other co-morbidities he/she may have that affect choice of therapy. Medication options include oral medications, injectables, and insulin, and each regimen is customized to the patient’s needs.

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